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Pilot Wings are here!

We love hearing from you - your feedback, merchandise needs, and product ideas. Over the years, we've gotten more requests for generic non-airline specific pilot wings than any other product. These requests have come from all sorts of customers - from independent flight schools wanting to present their students with wings after passing their private pilot checkride, to parents looking for a realistic Halloween costume accessory for their kids. With that in mind, I'm pleased to announce that Luso Aviation metal pilot wings are here! Available in Gold or Silver finish:

  • 2.9” Width x 0.625” Height

  • Durable 1/8” thick metal alloy construction

  • Double Post Clutch Back with removable Butterfly Clasps

  • Rear posts are 2” apart and are compatible with many popular Aviation shirt eyelets including the Van Heusen “Pilot” and our Wingman Reinforcement Patch.

MSRP - $9.95

These wings are in stock and shipping out now!

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