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Well that was unexpected

I've been in the aviation supplies business for a long time. Since 2008, I've worked with several companies, big and small, to create and launch hundreds of physical products into our niche aviation marketplace. And although we were all really excited for the release of our Premium Crew Sock line and expected them to do well, we were taken back by just how well the launch went. In 10 years of doing this, I've personally never seen a new product take off this quickly and we ended up selling out of the Runway and Twin Jet designs within 2 weeks! I just wanted to reach out and thank all of you for your business and support and to let you know the good news that yesterday we received another large shipment of socks. They're back in stock and ready to go!

As a reminder, Luso Aviation's Premium Crew Socks feature:

  • Terry Loop In Forefoot, Heel, & Toe For Medium Cushion

  • Arch Support

  • Reinforced Heel & Toe

  • Seamless Toe Closure

  • Jacquard Weave Construction

There are 3 Aviation-Themed Designs to choose from: Taxiway, Runway, and Twin Jets in Flight. They are sold individually by the pair and also in a money-saving 3-pair set!

Thanks again, Marco Almeida

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