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Wow, 5 stars with 100 reviews!

Hip hip hooray! Our PULL TO EJECT Embroidered Key Chain listing on Amazon just hit 100 reviews, and even better, it did so with a 5 star rating!

This is our first 100 review item on Amazon so I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who took the time to leave their honest feedback. Reviews are so critically important for success on third party websites and we really appreciate it.

We read all reviews that are left on our products and here are some of our favorites from this item:


Speaking of key chains, stay tuned because we're getting ready to launch a bunch of new designs.

PS - Did you know we also do custom embroidered key chains and patches? It's true- if you're looking for the highest quality key chains and patches for your company or event, shoot us a message with your design and we'll get a quote right back to you.

Thanks again for your support everyone!

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