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WINGMAN - Lapel Wing Patch

WINGMAN - Lapel Wing Patch

WINGMAN is the reinforcement patch designed specifically for pilot lapel wings. 

Although we're proud to have earned our wings, they sure can be a pain sometimes! Lapel wings create holes in our expensive uniform shirts that get bigger from repeated pinning and unpinning, and from our wings getting snagged on everything from lanyards to seatbelts.

WINGMAN’s embroidered lock channel prevents pin holes from expanding and keeps your wings oriented upright. The lock channel is wide enough to accommodate most airline issued wings.

The easiest way to use WINGMAN is to simply pin it in place on the inside of the shirt using your lapel wings. Alternatively, the patch can be sewn or ironed on. The iron-on backing applies easily, strongly, and lasts wash after wash.

• Pin, Sew, or Iron-On
• Prevents or Repairs Large Pinholes
• Keeps Wings From Drooping
• Low Profile Construction, Thinner Than A Dime
  • Details


    WINGMAN can be used on the outside or inside of the shirt depending on your style preference. However, we recommend affixing to the outside of the shirt because it will be easier to mount level.

    CAUTION: The following instructions are for ironing your patch onto garments with a high cotton content. For other fabrics, follow the manufacturer’s recommended heat settings. To assure adhesion on hard-to-bond fabrics, steps 5 and 6 may be repeated 2 or 3 times.

    1. Place a cloth (t-shirt, pillow case, or similar thin cotton fabric) on a hard non-heat sensitive surface (kitchen counter, table, cutting board, etc.).
    2. Place area of garment where patch is to be attached on cloth, face up.
    3. Position patch as desired.
    4. Cover patch with a pressing cloth (t-shirt, pillow case, or similar thin cotton fabric).
    5. Apply strong downward pressure with household iron (hottest setting) for 60 seconds.
    6. Without allowing time to cool, turn the garment over, move the pressing cloth to a new position (to prevent scorching), and repeat step 5 again.
    7. Allow patch and garment to cool completely before handling.

    CARE: Do not wash at hot temperature. In the rare case a patch loosens, it can be reattached by repeating steps 4 through 7.
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